Focusing on your Heart.

“The more we dwell on what we don’t want, the more we get exactly that. By focusing on what we do want we attract abundance and other good things.”   ~Louise L. Hay

Today I purchased Louise L. Hay’s book “Heart Thoughts” A Treasury of Inner Wisdom. I have been looking for a book full of beautiful thoughts since my last post on affirmations.  I just love all of her quotes.  This book is a little bit of joy and I totally recommend it. :)

The quote above is the first one listed and I just felt like I had to share it with you guys.  I want to keep focusing on who I want to be and everyday strive to become that women.  It is extremely empowering to know that my mind and actions slowly are entering the right track.  I long to my life authentically and everyday envision the life I am building. Today  I will no longer say the words will build, will do, will be. Today I am. Today I am my dreams.

Today I want to challenge myself to decide today that I will start being myself and let my vision fall right out in front of me.  The future is right now!  Let us fill our minds with positivity and let life bring us more than enough to satisfy.  My second challenge is to live everyday full of gratitude.  There is more than enough on this planet for everyone.  The world is so beautiful and full of abundance.

Today I am grateful for feeling alive. I am grateful for my gift of loving life and laughter. The amazing people I am surrounded with and this beautiful little apartment I live in.  I am grateful for the chance to learn every single day. I am grateful for the chance to make my dreams come alive and I am grateful for the power to change my life.  I am grateful for everything that has been given to me and the person I am. And yet I am grateful for so much more. The world is so abundant.

<3 Chelsea Jolene

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