Southwest Turkey Meatballs!!

Nom Nom Nom!!
Lately I have been really focused on eating simple, clean and within my budget.  This can be difficult to do and require lots of effort to search through recipes, etc. etc.  So I will show you some of my new favorite delicious and simple meals so you don’t have to go through all the work!!

I got this recipe off of Clean Eating. This has become when of my favorite sites and magazines!!  They even have a section that includes weekly shopping lists with recipe. yum yum! I seriously recommend checking them out.

Ok so the recipe is posted here:

I did a few different things then the original recipe. First I used canned tomatoes with some additional fresh ones.  Mine had A LOT of tomatoes but they are my favorite food so the more the better in my opinion. For next time, I think I want to add more cumin because I like things with lots and lots of flavor!! But I may have had extra juice so the flavor could a bit diluted.  My cooking time took a much longer time then the times noted which I thought was a little strange especially because my meatballs were not what I consider to be “seared”.  But I totally recommend this if you want something quick and delicious!!Black Bean and Corn with Turkey Meatballs

Also I apologize for being MIA lately. Mid-terms took over and you know how life goes. Ack!! But now I am just cannot believe it is the final stretch of my LAST semester! Yay!! But really for now my overall goal for this blog is to get myself into a habit of writing often.

Also I would like to leave you all with my positive affirmation for the day. 😀

“I always wondered why somebody hadn’t done something about that, then I realized I was that somebody”

Never forget your are here to make an impact in the world. :)


Chelsea Jolene

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