So…what IS a Health Coach?

What is Health Coach??

Health coach: noun [helth kohch]
1. a mentor who trains people to take small steps towards health
2. a wellness advocate to create better health in people’s lives
3. a guide to find vigor and vitality in life.

The Case for Health Coaches:

Health Coaches are a relatively new addition to the Healthcare industry.  Our current healthcare crisis has created a huge need for health coaches.  Today we are spending $2.5 trillion annually on healthcare. Over half of all adults – 117 million people – have one or more chronic health conditions.  It has become the norm to be sick and overweight.  One of my favorite quotes I recently stumbled upon is “We are living too short and dying too young.”  This quote really resonates with me.  Disease is starting younger and younger.  We may be “living” longer but with what quality of life?   I don’t want to live my life popping pills to cure one side effect after another.  Most chronic diseases start from poor lifestyle choices and small simple positive changes can greatly benefit the patient in any stage of illness.


Health coaches step in by supporting those feeling overwhelmed with the daunting task of creating a new life. Health coaches provide support and goals to take small steps towards better health.     

There is a lot of focus on helping those with chronic disease which is where the scary problem is.  But how many people are dealing with other “minor” health problems?  How often do you get sick? Are you sneezing all the time from allergies?  Do you feel exhausted every single day?  People are always complaining about something related to their health! It really is a daily challenge for everyone to eat healthy and find what food best nourishes their body.  Small changes can benefit those with minor health issues just as the same as those with larger issues.

Are health coaches going to replace doctors?

Definitely not.  A health coach is able to work with doctors, chiropractors, dieticians, and really any health professional.  A health coach complements all wellness professionals by laying out the framework  of steps from their diagnosis.  Health Coaches can take the time to listen and learn more about the client and their daily life stressors.  Understanding the client’s daily life could be shared with the doctor to help diagnose further and may provide answers to the underlying problem.  Sometimes health problem isn’t always related to food.  Maybe the client is obese because they feel lonely.  A coach can help the client to see that and start working to become more social while also continuing to help them make better food choices. Maybe the client is having excessive digestive problems because they hate their job.  The coach can help them see that maybe it’s time to look into a career change while also guiding them to take small steps to heal their gut.  These are just a few examples, but health coaches are there to listen and possibly identify life events that may be the root of the problem.

Our current society promotes disease management not disease prevention.

The doctor tells you need to eat better and exercise and walks out the door. You sit there thinking “Uh what? Can’t you just give me a pill?” Our society has normalized popping pills which allows us to continually eat and live poorly.  It is easier to pop a pill than to make healthy choices.  Health coaches can help ease the transition to create healthy lifestyle choices instead of heading down a route of popping pills to cure one side effect after another.

Again health coaches can help more than just the obese or chronically diseased.  Here are some other examples:

  • A client recently finds out that dairy makes them sick. A health coach can help provide them dairy-free recipes and support as they transition to a non-dairy diet.
  • A client isn’t sure what is making them sick, but thinks it’s some type of allergen. The doctor recommends an elimination diet. A health coach can help the process of preparing for the elimination diet and providing meal ideas.
  • A client is constantly feeling tired at work and cannot seem to lose any weight. A health coach could help them examine their own life to see why they may be feeling so tired.  The coach can provide suggestions and support on implementing habits to increase energy.
  • A client is looking to optimize their health and learn how implement healthy habits. A health coach can provide them resources and do the research for the client.

Anyone who wants to learn how to implement healthy habits and start living proactively can benefit from a health coach.

  • A client has always suffered from sugar cravings and really wants to learn how they cut out sugar from their diet.
  • A client has a family history of diabetes. They don’t want to end up with diabetes so they start looking into implementing new habits to prevent going down the same path.
  • A client wants to be more productive and energized at work. They want to learn how to eat for maximum energy.
  • A client decides they want to eat vegan, but they have no idea where to start.

As you can see there are TONS of ways a health coach can be beneficial to a variety of people at any stage on their health journey.


Here is what two doctors say about health coaching:

Dr. Andrew Weil’s magazine reports:

“When athletes want a competitive edge, they hire a private coach to monitor their progress.  When it comes to your health, using this mindset could also be beneficial. Health coaches are increasingly being hired by corporations to help employees stay healthy and by individuals seeking to improve well-being.  For some, these coaches offer assistance in managing dietary constraints (due to conditions such as celiac disease or diabetes) and for others, they might focus on teaching stress-reduction methods. In some ways, the health coach picks up where your physician left off, helping you implement wellness strategies suggested after a check-up or diagnosis.”  -Dr. Andrew Weil’s “Self-Healing” October 2009 Newsletter

I LOVE this.  We have athletic coaches that help athletes become their BEST to compete and win! Why not find your optimal health by working with a health coach?

Mark Hyman, MD, Chairman of Institute of Functional Medicine, states:

“Health coaches provide instruction, tools, information, and facilitation of behavior change.  They help create health instead of just disease management.  We need a new approach to our current health system. The body should be viewed as a system and the imbalances in the system create disease and ill-health.”

Our mission aligns with all wellness professionals in helping maintain health, prevent and reverse diseases, and ultimately increasing health and quality of life for all.



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Cheers to health and freedom!


Chelsea Jolene





  1. bloomandspark says:

    Hi Chelsea, great post. I found your blog on Kris Carr’s Mastermind facebook group and it looks awesome! Though I am not a health coach I have a major interest in nutrition and overall wellness. I have thought for a long time that coaching is something I might want to pursue in the future. I’ll definitely keep checking back here for more tips and info. Check out my blog

    • Chelsea Jolene says:

      Hi Caroline! Thank you for checking out my site! If you have any questions about health coaching feel free to contact me at anytime!! I will definitely check out your website! :)

      – Chelsea

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