Creating a Theme for 2015!

Servant Leader
NO excuses
Take ACTION daily!
“What can I do with the resources I have now?”
Nourish. Love. Dream.

Hello Lovelies!  I know this post may seem a little bit late…but what better time to reflect on the upcoming year then the end of January??


Every year I create a theme.  Something to focus on that all my goals work towards. This year my theme is to live as a servant.  This idea came to me over the holiday weekend…..

For Christmas, I received the book “Entreleadership” by Dave Ramsey.  So far I absolutely LOVE this book.  In the book, he shares that as the CEO and Owner of his company, he sees it as an honor to serve all of his employees.  His hard work has given hundreds of people jobs at his company, therefore helping them to create a life and provide for their families. He took it on himself to SERVE these people so they could live a good life.  I LOVE this philosophy. I think it is beautiful and hopeful that the world has servant leader CEO’S who are not just power hungry.  I believe to truly be a great leader you need to have a servant heart.

Not only do I want to strive to be a servant, but I want to throw out ALL excuses!  I have lots of big dreams and I have been working really hard, but mostly on things that I LIKE to do.  There are so many things I don’t WANT to do, and it’s so hard to do those things after a long day.  In my head I make excuses that I deserve to relax and I don’t have time.  But I am TIRED of my own excuses and it is time to face the facts.  It is TIME to get seriously uncomfortable.  So here I go…sliding down the hatch…

Along with these two themes, I will be taking ACTION!! I LOVE learning with my whole heart (to be honest it’s an addiction, lol) but it is time for ACTION.  I am going to be setting aside scheduled time to take specific action so I can STOP making excuses and get going!

Last, it seems appropriate to have a QUOTE of the year.  I think this quote ties in everything together with my “no excuses” and “take action” themes. I LOVE it and it completely resonates with where I am right now in my life!

Quote of the Year: “What can you do with the resources you have now?” 


There will always be something missing. It won’t always be perfect.  You are given what you have right now for a reason and more than likely you can make it work with what you have! Don’t make another excuse!

Do you have a THEME for 2015?  What do you want your IDEAL year to look like?  What do you need to accomplish this year to look back and be proud of yourself?  If you don’t have any goals for 2015, I HIGHLY encourage you to sit down and draw a vision for your year.  Even better yet, create a VISION board!

I think themes are so fun to make and look back upon over the year. You can read my themes from past years. Here and here!

Cheers to the NEW YEAR! (or to the fact it’s almost February)


Chelsea Jolene

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