When Healthy Goes Wrong….

Hello Lovelies,

Today I want to chat about creating a healthy Mindset. If you have ever struggled with weight or insecurities you likely struggle with keeping a healthy mindset.  I know I have!  When I first started wanting to become healthier, it was because I wanted to have perfect skin.  I started to obsess with eating healthy because I wanted to heal my skin so badly.  I wouldn’t allow myself to eat pizza or ice cream and when I did I would end up binge eating or eating so much I would typically breakout just from the excess of food.  I blocked myself from ever eating anything bad so when I did I went all out.

The idea behind being healthy isn’t bad, but something good can always turn bad.  For  example, your mind could think “yum, I am going to eat these healthy carrots because they make me feel energized, glowing, and beautiful! I know my body will appreciate this good food so I choose to eat it.”  OR you could be thinking. “UGH! I should have never ate the chocolate cake last night. I can feel my skin breaking out already. I can feel the fat storing in my thighs. I need to eat these carrots to punish myself for eating that cake! I have no control over myself!”  Obviously, this is a huge difference! Mindset is HUGE! Living healthy should never be a punishment.  I think some people even view healthy people as crazy because so many of them are OCD about it.  We have taken something good and turned it bad.  HealthyMindset

One part of my mission is to really help others find a healthy mindset. I want others to truly live a healthy life not just live healthy on the side.  I want to show others that we need to do these things not because we are punishing ourselves for screwing up, but because we LOVE our body and want to treat it with the utmost respect.   Doing great things starts from loving yourself and that includes your body. This week I want to challenge you to positively affirm all the healthy choices you make! Say to yourself out loud (or in your brain), “ I am eating this salad to nourish my body and give it the energy it needs so I can show up 100% for the world.” “I am going to work out for 20 minutes to rejuvenate my spirit and invigorate my body because I love myself and my body and I want it to feel amazing.  Choose to do these and more because you LOVE yourself SO much you wouldn’t think of doing anything else! If you choose to eat cake, drink wine, or something else that is typically seen as not healthy, choose to do it because you LOVE yourself. Sit and ENJOY every last bite because life is meant to be savored and enjoyed.


On that note, I am starting something NEW!!  I will be posting affirmations to go along with my post. :) This week’s is…….


Weekly Affirmation: My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil.


Have a beautiful week and Happy MEMORIAL weekend! :)



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