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Do you find yourself tired all the time?  Do you have allergies, acne or others skin conditions??  Are you constantly sick?  Do you have BIG dreams, but feel too sick and tired to take action!  Do you eat a “perfect”diet, but are unhappy in so many areas of your life you don’t know where to begin!  Are you sick of setting goals but not sticking to them?  It may be time to set up a session with me!  I offer one free complimentary 1:1 session to start!  Yes FREE! You can try out this whole health coaching thing and see if it will work for you! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!  SIGN up today!

As a Health Coach, I will be your very own…

  • Listener! Do you ever feel like you aren’t being truly heard? I truly believe we know ourselves better than others think they do. I promise to never doubt you.
  • Guide! I am here to show you to the path of true wellness and share with you my all my experiences, education, and VAST amount of resources. Together we will create a plan of action to find your path to success.
  • Cheerleader! Together we will consistently push strive to reach your goals and celebrate your successes!

If you’re looking for support, guidance, and knowledge to become a better healthier YOU, join me today!!  As a new health coach, my rates are the lowest they will ever be!! And I also offer gifts for all referrals.  Fees are determined by number of sessions, length, and amount of support desired.  Email me at for any and all questions! 

I highly suggest working with me, Chelsea Jolene, as your personal Health Coach if….

a.  You are READY to let go of old habits and create change.

b.  You commit to following the steps and doing the daily work.

c. You are looking for something different from a typical “diet” program. 


My philosophy is healthy LIFESTYLE. If you commit to these 3 things, I promise you will see big changes! We can laugh, and learn together as we embark on the greatest adventure of all in improving your health. If you are interested, don’t hesitate! 

My coaching foundation is based on a holistic approach.  I believe that health comes from balance and looking at the entire body including psychological and emotional health.  In our sessions, I will cover in detail these 3 principles.

1. Bio-Individuality – “One person’s food is another person’s poison.” – Joshua Rosenthal, Founder of IIN

No one way of eating fits every person.  We are all born with different and unique bodies, tastes, sensitivities, and genetics.  Some foods may be nourishing to me, but not to you.  Together we will discuss this idea and work to find the best diet for you.

2. Primary Food

The food on our plates is not the only thing that feeds us.  We could be eating a “perfect” diet, but we may still feel unhappy.  Primary food is all the aspects of life that bring fulfillment and satisfaction. Everyone craves physical activity, loving and supportive relationships, financial freedom, and a fulfilling career.  It is key to find balance in all these areas to create a healthy sustainable life.  Together we will examine all these areas of primary food and discuss an action plan to improve lacking areas.

3. Crowding Out

Today most diet books focus on what you can’t eat or shouldn’t do.  This can create fear and anxiety to create change.  People tend to feel overwhelmed and might feel deprived if they cut everything “bad” out.  Instead we will focus on adding in healthy foods and healthy habits.  The idea is to “Crowd Out” bad habits by adding in the good habits.  Eventually over time, the bad habits will disappear and you will be satisfied with your new habits.



Not sure you need a health coach?  I offer a complimentary introductory 1:1 50 – minute session.  Here you will get a taste of how the session will go and we will talk about your personalized plan of action and how I believe I can best help you reach your goals!

Please email me if you interested and would like to set up your FIRST 50 – minute session. Remember my rates are the LOWEST they will ever be! Take advantage of this now! Have a friend that you think would LOVE working with me? If they sign up, you will receive a FREE gift from yours truly!

Email me TODAY at or drop me a message through my contact page.

Interested in trying a group program?? Head over to my PROGRAMS page. :)




*Stay tuned – Soon I will offer comprehensive 90-day wellness programs.  Everyone who works 1:1 with me TODAY will receive a discounted rate on the upcoming program.




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