Need for A Vision.

Hello all!! I found this post in my drafts and I found it suitable to post because I think so my year has definitely been about change and BIG things are about to happen in my life.  Sometimes its nice to check in and say “Hey, things seem to be on the right track. But this area is where I want to work on a bit more.” Right now I “blame” moving on a reason for not doing all these things, but as I get settled I won’t have that excuse anymore. But today I want to challenge myself to push myself toward these goals of mine. As well as I want you to push yourself towards yours.  Sometimes its a good idea to write a list and just let your heart flow with all the things you want to achieve! The more the merrier! :)  Focusing on all of these ideas will not be easy and heck I could even add to the list now!! So I challenge you to make a list and look at it daily and remind yourself of your vision for life and what you truly want.  Remember if you don’t declare what you want life doesn’t know what to give to you! So clearly declare what you want for you life and it will surprise you how it just ‘magically appears’!

Have a merry weekend!

<3 Chelsea Jolene

Jan 10, 2013

Well hello lovies!!

gosh, I know its been forever. But now I am an official graduate so I am ready to take this blog more seriously as well as it is one of my many goals for 2013.  so today I want to talk about my vision for 2013!!

I want this vision to be BIG. because i have great expectations for 2013 and CAN’T wait to see what is in store for me!! This year is gonna be my year of action! I am ready to actually follow my heart and see what happens!  This post is inspired from Marie Forleo’s recent post, “What’s your vision for 2013?”. Marie is always an inspiration so please watch. :)

So being done with school changes things a lot of me, it also brings a lot of confusion and uncertainty in my life.  I do not know where I am exactly supposed to be but I am willing to open myself up to any possibility. For now I know, that life will show me its path.

Even though I don’t know all the answers, I want to push myself to work hard.
This is my vision for 2013: I want it to be clear and explicit.

  • I want get up early and establish a regular schedule. I want to be able to get up a few hours early to go for a run and get inspired.
  • I want to read a few books every week.
  • I want to write in my blog a few times a week. 2-3 for now and eventually more times.
  • I really want to get into regularly writing to help push myself.
  • I want to go for a run/bike a few times a week. I LIVE  in an apt with a gym. I must take advantage of this while I can.
  • I want to tell myself everyday to push myself and live a life full of action.
  • I want to write a booklet of healthy living and making change. living a life of resilience?
  • I want to use this book to teach a class at YWCA. I want to volunteer regularly.
  • I want to get a notebook and use it to fill it with my ideas, brainstorms, and positive encouragement.
  • I want to make a painting so I can look at it everyday and remind myself to stay strong and move forward.
  • And surround myself with people that bring me up and don’t bring me down

<3 Always Chelsea Jolene

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