My Top 5 Power Food Winter Soups. MM MM GOOD! (no I am not talking Campbells)

I love nothing  better than some nice hot soup especially on a cool fall day.  Therefore I thought I would share some of my favorite recipes.  I try to include power foods in my diet at least once or twice a day.  And adding power foods to soups is super easy and can be easier to disguise the taste if you do not like it.  For example, I dislike the taste of most winter squash tasting things, since I was a baby I hated so there is no chance of changing this taste bud.  I LOVE pumpkin though, but only loaded with sugar as I cannot imagine eating it another way.  So sweet potatoes are also included on that list, but for some reason I can eat sweet potatoes in one of my FAVORITE soups.

1. Sweet Potato, Sausage, and Kale Soup  –  The sweet potatoes taste more like potatoes because all the juices have been soaked up.  I also add kale to the soup or even spinach.  Whatever you have on hand, just throw it into the soup.  This is an easy way to have 2 power foods added to one meal!  I can be a bit wary of sausage as it is high in fats, but it fits perfectly in this soup. So I either try to find turkey sausage or just buy one because it usually doesn’t make a big difference in the long run. haha  I will post the recipe down below because I did not find this one online but from my mother.


2. Tomato Basil Bisque – This recipe uses a blender/ food processor.  I have just been using a blender, which works perfectly for me. I give credit to my boyfriend on this one because he found the recipe.  You can find this recipe here.  I usually make a HUGE batch and double the recipe which is about 16 servings.  It takes a bit of work to make but it usually lasts me the week so I can enjoy it all week long. :)  If you are looking to cut calories and make this soup healthier I would suggest leaving the cream out all together.  I also love pairing the soup with my favorite avocado tomato grilled cheese.  MM MM nothing better then that.


3.  Chicken Tortilla Soup – This is also a top favorite for me!! And you can throw it all in the crockpot so it is nice and easy and ready to go after a long day at work!  The main power food in this recipe is black beans!  Black beans are my favorite kind of bean and they are great because they are high in protein and low in fat.  They are also full of essential vitamins like folic acid, magnesium, and iron.  You can find this recipe here.   I have never tried adding a slice of avocado on top, but I love avocado so I’ll be sure to try that next time I cook it.

4.  Chicken and Vegetable Stew – Now, I couldn’t skip over chicken soup.  Sometimes when you are sick, nothing is better then a cup of hot chicken soup. I even recently read that the chicken broth helps cure colds by boosting your immune system.  I found this recipe on which is one of my favorite sites to find recipes.  This is much better than canned soup which is full of sodium and other preservatives.

5. Roasted Red Pepper Potato Soup – I haven’t tried this recipe yet, but it looks amazing and is on my list to try.  I love roasted red peppers and potatoes.  So I think this would be a great combination.  You can find the recipe here.  I loooove potatoes, and they get such a bad rap for being not that good for you.  But in all reality, its the french – fried potatoes and chips that are not so good.  Potatoes are a great source of B6 vitamins which are important for building new cells. And red peppers are a GREAT power food and one of my top go-to snacks.  Red peppers are super high in vitamin c and high in antioxidants. Yum Yum!! So load up the soup with these delicious veggies!

Well, these are my top 5 recommended power soups!! Next time you are craving a nutritional boost or feeling a little under the weather cook up one of these delicious soups.  I will guarantee they will taste much better than any kind of canned soup.  :)

What’s your favorite kind of soup??  I love hearing about new recipes! Leave a comment below or email me at


Chelsea Jolene


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