What would you do if you knew that you could not fail?

Hello Mates!!

“What would you do if you knew that you could not fail?”

I have ran across this phrase a few times in my life.  And every time it leaves me wanting to answer the question.

We like to come up with excuses about why we don’t follow our dreams. Usually the excuses include:  “I have no money”, or “I have no time.” I believe the number one excuse though is worry about failure.  We are all scared to death that we will waste all our time and energy to only find out we failed.  It is one of the most terrifying thoughts.  So if there was a guarantee that you couldn’t fail? Who wouldn’t follow their dreams?

Now  that I have moved over 600 miles away from home and finished up my degree, it gave me some times to figure out how I can answer this question. And what can I do now to really live out this phrase and let go of the worry of failing.  Sometimes I think people think they don’t know the answer to this question, but really deep down they do.

About 2 weeks ago, I decided to sign up with IIN Health Coach Training Program.  I have been up and down and scared out of my mind wondering if I am being a hopeless idiot, wasting my money and time.  And then I re-read this post, from my blog which was about year ago on Oct 3, 2012.  That post alone says it all. I know I truly want to do this.  I do not care if I even fail, the experience itself will be wonderful.  I am chasing my passions and pushing myself to new levels.  I believe there will be a lot of amazing things coming out of this year program and I am ready to inspire the woman and impact the world. (a little alpha gamma delta for you all 😉  )

I start the program tomorrow and I am ecstatic!! And along the way you will likely see many changes to this blog as I have BIG plans for it and eventually a whole new website! :) (Thus why I added some minor updates, I needed some fresh changes as it has been awhile.)  It will take lots of baby steps, but I know it will get there.  I will tell you about my journey along the way and post about the great things I am learning.  One thing I have already learned is to “Squash that 2nd voice”.  There is always that 2nd voice after the 1st voice that says “you aren’t good enough, don’t bother trying.”  Don’t let yourself listen to that 2nd voice because if we all did there would be nothing great in this world. We all start out with NO experience and little clue to what we are doing. But never let that stop you because the most successful people in the world were at one time in the exact position as you. :)

So what would you do if you knew that you could not fail?

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Chelsea Jolene

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  1. aikoishelomeck says:

    I would write like there was no tomorrow. Every book I’ve ever pushed aside because I thought it wasn’t good enough to be published would be published. And, of course, I’d probably hit on the next hot guy that caught my eye. Since I can’t fail, why not 😉

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