“we judge ourselves by what we think we can do. others judge us by what we have done.”

This blog is something I have wanted to start for years. I have started many different blogs but I have never consistently posted on them.  My current goal is to post here at least a few times a week.

First I would like to share a few things about myself.  That quote up there is from my small business class, I thought it suited well for this blog because it is so easy to perceive yourself as this great person and not actually do anything.  I know that in order to get where i want to be i have to actually do something.  I want to start now because life will slip through my fingers before I know it.

A few basic things about myself, my name is Chelsea. I am currently attending NDSU for a degree in Business Administration. I will graduate this coming December.  I am very excited to be done with my undergraduate degree, but now comes the big question.. “what do I do with the rest of my life???”
Generally, I have quite a lot of interests.  I know without a doubt I want these  interests to always be involved in my life.  They include: nutrition, cooking, cupcakes, ballet, painting, self-improvement, as well as business ventures and economics.  But as you can see this is a very broad range of interests. Typically, the world tells us to focus on just one or two and then you spend the rest of your life doing that.  This did NOT help me when I was deciding my major, I went through at least ten major changes!!! Also, in high school I was always pretty good at everything so nothing really stood out for me to really put my focus on.  Truthfully, I knew whatever I put my mind to I could do the matter was just deciding and putting my heart into it.  My majors ranged from fashion merchandising, social work, school/addiction/health counselor, dermatologist, business owner, management, accounting etc.  Now looking back, I would still love to do any of these things!!

Anyway, I finally decided on business because parts of it are boring and its a practical major and i have loved business since I was in middle school.  And then it got too late to change so I just stuck with it. haha
Currently in the next 10 to 15 years, I want to start my own business, whether it be a cupcake shop, healthy restaurant, green juice store, or a nutritional consulting,

So this blog I want to use to combine all my interests together as well as share my journey towards failure and success. But ultimately I want to inspire people to become the best version of their self. My main focus for this blog will be on nutrition, personal development, and cooking.

Side note: You may be wondering where I got this name.  Well, I have previously used the name cupcakeblossoms and I still use it for various things.  It is the name for my cupcake store I always wanted to start.  To me blossom signifies growth, change, and letting yourself become who you are.  I want to continually blossom so I am using it again but instead I added pistachio to focus on the wellness based blog.

With all that said that is enough for one post, I look forward to all comments and thoughts you would like to send my way!

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<3 Chelsea Jolene

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