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Hello Friends!
I am so glad you have found my little place on the inter-web.  I suggest you grab a cup of coffee as you read my story on how my passion came to be…..


I have dealt with cystic acne since I was about 10 years old. From about 10 to 20, I tried everything medically under the sun to help clear up my skin. Eventually I would either become allergic to it or it would kill my blood cells, uh NOT good!! The only thing that ended up working the longest for me was spriolactone. A hormone that cuts the amount of oil produced in my skin. (it also dries out the eyes though big time) I heard a lot how possibly food could help, but I didn’t want to believe that it would really work. As a young girl, it is completely overwhelming to thinking about changing and controlling your diet. I am thankful for these struggles because it was just the beginning of what sparked my belief in the power of nutrition. I started to learn as much as I could and I became the “health nut” to all my friends. It was fun to learn and I enjoyed being the expert! My love of food though was not just for its nutrition, I also saw it as a source of comfort. I grew up super skinny so eating a lot of food never was a concern much until my last years of high school.

My senior year of high school was a tough year. A week or so before classes started, my best friend was diagnosed with lymphoma. She died less than 6 months later. This event is what started to spiral my negative eating behavior. I decided I was going to be perfect and I didn’t need anyone. So on the pursuit of becoming “perfect” I controlled my diet and worked out to take out my anger. I was on the mission to have perfect skin, perfect clothes, and the perfect body. The summer before college was less busy, I panicked and dealt with binge eating which would end with me in tears and feeling constant guilt. My skin would break out from the fatty or sugary foods and then I would try to counteract it by eating lots of veggies. After I binged I would force myself to exercise and taking caffeine/diet pills. I thought these feelings would just magically go away when I got to college. Nope. I just pushed more people away. I didn’t try to really make friends. I got sucked into my own little world. Being alone only enforced the obsession with finding perfect skin and being skinny. I would randomly binge which would lead to a breakout…I told everyone I ate strict for my skin, which was true…but I also wanted to stay skinny. This type of eating disorder was hardly talked about, but I was controlled by this way of thinking. I prayed that one day these thoughts would stop. I never threw up my food and I always ate plenty of calories a day so I didn’t think I really had an eating disorder. Most days it wasn’t about being skinny, it was just a side benefit from what I was doing. I wanted beautiful skin. If I ate one piece of pizza my skin would become a wreck! It was a struggle because I couldn’t eat normal and not break out. I became fascinated with others who struggled with eating disorders and mental disorders. I studied psychology and health like none other. To this day, these are still my passions in life. My heart goes out to all who struggle with eating in all shapes. Today’s world puts a huge pressure to be “perfect” in all areas of life.

So how did I end my crazy eating habits?? Well my second year I transferred to NDSU, I prayed a lot and I ended up joining a sorority. I knew my life was missing good positive friends. I had pushed away most of my friends from high school because I was so angry at losing my best friend. Being in AGD gave me friends and the college experience I had been dreaming about deep inside. I am grateful for this time in my life not only for the amazing friends that I made but because I learned how to become normal again. I stayed passionate about eating healthy, but slowly over time I stopped punishing myself if I ate something bad. I started to relax, I started to remember the real Chelsea again. It was amazing! 
Looking back, I have learned the importance of having a balanced life. I could eat all the spinach in the world and not truly be “healthy”. Being healthy to me is not just about being skinny, healthy, or having vibrant skin! Being healthy is about creating healthy relationships, dealing with life’s challenges in a positive way, and being a good person! Being healthy is constantly pushing yourself to grow but in a loving manner!  Do I still strive to become better daily? Yes! Do I beat myself up if I fail? I try not to!  I am not always perfect, but growing up has taught me a lot about handling things in a healthy way. I strive to always be better, but I strive to talk myself up instead of down. I love myself no matter what happens. I believe that is TRUE health!
This is one of the many reasons why I am passionate about health. Millions of girls struggle with eating disorders of some type. Many girls are like me and want to have radiant skin, loads of energy, a strong body and mind. We know that the food we eat effects everything including our mood! I truly believe the learning how to feed your body can give you the radiance and confidence to become your BEST you. Being radiance and confident effects your job, your relationships, and your belief to follow your dreams. It is just the first stepping stone of many to find a successful life.
*Do I still struggle with imperfect skin? *Do I still struggle with binge eating? YES AND YES! This is just my weakness in life, the more alone I am the more I struggle with it. Since moving out on my own, these struggles have reappeared but because I have beat them before. I am able to handle them in a MUCH healthier way.
I would LOVE to share with you how I have dealt with these struggles! My skin is much clearer than ever and I am on NO medications! I am proud to say that USANA has been a huge part in helping me to clear up my skin! If you want to read my USANA story >>>Head over here

This is my WHY. This is MY Passion.

Chelsea Jolene

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