5 TIPS to Beat the Perfectionism BUG.

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The ultimate status that everyone wishes they could achieve.  Everyone wants to be the BEST version of themselves and nothing less. The world has surrounded us with so many things to buy so we believe we can someday achieve this glorious status.  We can never buy enough products/programs/books.  There will always be someone better and its the ultimate competition of life so you got to stay on your game.  Ready to pounce onto the next best thing.


I have found that striving for perfection can be a way to hide.  It can get us wrapped up in a world all our own. Planning, organizing, and pushing ourselves to maximize our time to be the best in all facets of life.  Don’t get me wrong aiming higher and achieving goals is great!!  But when it takes over your mind, body, and spirit and you lose yourself and your mind, that is a sign its time to adjust and reflect. I know from experience that getting wrapped in a world of perfection only pushes me farther away from happiness and enjoying life.  Writing this post may seem counter-intuitive as I long to help others achieve their goals and become their best.  But I am passionate about fighting the perfectionism bug and I want to educate others when a self-help phase may have gone wrong.



Perfection seems to be about 2 things:

1. Anger: Are you angry at life or a specific person? More than anything do you want to prove life wrong that you are winning? Do you want to prove that you are THE best? Being perfect can seem like the perfect revenge.  “Ha, Life, I win!”

2. Control: Perfection is all about control and taking it to the next level.  Proving that life has not won yet!  (once again a good thing to not give up on life, but only in the right mindset)


If you find yourself trapped in this mindset of perfection, I challenge you to practice these 5 tips. 

1.  Nurture you relationships with friends and family.  More than anything this is when you need people in your life.

2. Realize its okay to not be perfect and learn to enjoy imperfections.  -Learn to still feel happy even when their is a blemish on your face, you didn’t get the promotion, or you are just too tired to cook a healthy meal.

3. LET GO – It will be one of the best feelings you have ever had.  Enjoy life and be happy.  No one is perfect, there will always be someone better and someone worse.

4. Stop hurting yourself more if you fail.  There is no good on harming oneself even more because you failed.  For example, so many people say I will start eating healthy on Monday, when Monday comes around and nothing changes don’t go eat a bag of chocolate covered pretzels!  Start now! You always have right now! There is no need to punish yourself for the past.

5. Create art.  Hang it on your wall.  – Have you ever looked at painting?  Paintings are NEVER perfect.  Always an extra mark here or there, maybe even the wrong color!! Luckily art can’t be right or wrong! Neither can people! We are all our own art work, different and beautiful.  Let your artwork be a reminder that you don’t need to be perfect.



I want to end the post with my current personal goal struggle on fighting perfection.  My goal: To write on this blog at least once a week.  My perfection has made me avoid writing in here at all for fear of not being perfect. (in a technical sense)  I will probably proofread this twenty times and the words or sentence structure and maybe even the content won’t make sense! (HUH? you may already be confused by now)   But I know this cannot stop me anymore.  I am not a top notch writer, I am just me an okay-sometimes confusing.  And hey! maybe writing on my blog will only help me become better! :)

Have a fabulous week lovelies,




Chelsea Jolene






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