~Wonder Wednesday~

Hello Lovelies!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!! I’m starting something new on  Pistachio Blossoms called Wonder Wednesday :).  Posts will include some of my favorite things on the web from psychology to business to of course health and nutrition.

It’s all about being a well-rounded thriving individual. :)


  • Protesters Target Subway Chemical Sandwich Bread. Case reports and epidemiological studies by the World Health Organization say that azodicarbonamide can induce asthma, other respiratory symptoms, and skin sensitization in exposed workers. “Adverse effects on other systems have not been studied,” says its report on the additive. There have been no human studies.  This is so sad to me that we even have to sign a petition to remove these nasty chemicals.  Other countries already have this chemicals banned! Why are we the last ones to do anything about it?
  • Tips for a Healthy Life by Cameron Diaz .  “Comparison is a brutal attack on oneself” – Cameron Diaz  Love this quote!! Be happy with your body and you because you are amazing!!   
  • 7 – Day Skin Detox by Food Matters Quick! Go here and download your free 7 day skin detox guide!  The detox has already started, but you can do it whenever!! I know I sure will be! These are simple fun ideas to try and test out if it works for you! (Also if you haven’t watched the ‘Food Matters’ documentary go watch it now!!)
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People the Millennial Woman’s Version.  I recently stumbled upon the Golden Girl and I absolutely love it!!  I really like this article so I am sharing with you all and I really liked the book.  It is a great focus of ideas and how it  relates to all, young millennial women.  My favorite personal tip is “Smile and look people right in the eye, it scares them when you have so much confidence to keep straight eye contact for a whole conversation.  livebeautifullydreampassion
  • How to feel more trust in your relationships.  This article by Connie Chapman completely resonated with me.  It has been one of my 2014 goals to really heal myself and become even stronger when it comes to all my relationships.  Even though I have come a long way to take the risks I have, the past still seems to elude me. Step 1 just fit perfectly “Drop the story” – No more letting the past dictate how I feel today!  “But we can control how we feel about it. We can control how we respond and what we make this mean about ourselves and relationships.”
  • Baked Quinoa and Chicken Parmesan – I love all things chicken parmesan and this was one delicious recipe!  Quinoa is one of my favorite delicious grains and if you haven’t tried it yet, I suggest you put it on your shopping list right now! And now you have to try it because I just gave you a delicious new recipe to try. 😉




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