The Secret of Change for 2014

Hello Lovelies,

I know it has been forever, but I am ready to get back into the swing of things.

Today, I really want to lay out my goals for 2014 and focus on where I would like to be 1 year from now. I realize its already February, but you can start goals whenever!! I like to set out my mantra for the year especially because I have created a mantra for the past two years and I really enjoy looking back at it from time to time.  It really gives me a theme for the year of where I really want to be.


The secret is about setting small realistic goals and knowing how you are going to follow through on them.  Your goals don’t have to be monstrous, it can be as small as eating spinach once a day to as big as moving across the country.  As long as your are choosing goals that are true to you, you will be on the right path.

This year my theme is perseverance and authenticity.  I want to push myself to the next level.  I want to strive to be perseverant in everything and live authentically to my self. I want to work harder then ever before to reach toward my dreams.  Overall, I want to become a better person and strive to conquer my weaknesses.

The areas in my life that I want to work on the most is my career and my finances.  Right now I feel that is where I am most struggling.

Finances:   I am working toward being debt free in the next year and half which can be challenging at some times considering its a huge chunk of my spending money.  My goal is pay off my debt in the next 18 months and to start saving a little for rainy days.

Career:  I do not enjoy my day job.  It is not my calling or what I am meant to do forever.  My true desires is to help people become their best and be a source of encouragement.  This is what truly makes me happy and gives me satisfaction in life.  My goal is starting coaching clients to reach their wellness goals and become full-time in doing this type of work.

These areas I am seeking the most drastic change and will be my main focus for the year, but I also want to look at little things…startingover

This post at the Golden Girl here inspired me create simple goals.  So here is 5 simple goals, that I want to work on just for myself.

1. I want to learn how to be alone for long periods of time.  Sometimes I get really anxious after being alone for a long time, I miss the days where I didn’t feel like this as much.  I want to let go of this anxiety and instead embrace the quiet.

2. I want to start a morning routine.  Mornings are awful for me, I can barely wake up.  I stay in bed as long as I possibly can and rush around trying to get ready.  I really want to wake up, do morning pages, drink coffee and wake myself up. Then get ready and leave for work with 10 minutes to spare.

3. Eat more vegetables.  I already cook pretty healthy home-cooked meals.  But it still seems to feel that I don’t eat enough vegetables.  I would love if about half of my plate was vegetables and that is not always an easy task, it is expensive and that requires more trips to the story then I would like in a week. My goal is to plan in extra vegetables and fruits into my budget.

(These next 2 ideas, I am stealing from The Golden Girl, but I really like them so I couldn’t resist.)

4.  Pick one new or different thing to try each month.  I looove trying new things!! Wherever I go, I love trying something new and different!  That is the best part of living in Chicago, there are so many options and so many cool things to do that it is completely endless.  I really like setting this as a goal, because there is so much to see in Chicago that I think it will motivate me to actually go out and learn things.

5. Stock up on cute greeting cards.  I absolutely LOVE this idea .  Everyone loves getting mail!! And its feels nice to send a cute card to make someone’s day.  I can even use this to let loose some creativity and make my own cards!  I feel like this tradition is going to slowly die out being in this technological age.  And e-cards are just lame, I am sorry, but I want an actual card to hang on my fridge not just a dancing e-card in my in-box.  Sorry e-cards, you just won’t ever make the cut.

These are my goals for 2014!! I am ready for a wonderful year to live out a life of perseverance and authenticity.

What goals do you have for yourself?  I love hearing people’s goals and their plan to achieve them.  Email me or comment below if you would like to share with me your goals for 2014.  :)  (I’ll even send you emails and bug you to make sure you are staying on track)


Chelsea Jolene